ArtScience Museum Singapore

Actually, it was quite late for me to write about this destination because it is likely that more and more exciting attractions and breath-taking were presented. In 2017 I, along with two of my colleagues, visited ArtScience Museum ™ after we finished participating in a series of competitions in Singapore. Straight to the review, ArtScience Museum ™ is devoted as a recreational vehicle for the exploration of art, science, and a combination of the two elements. ArtScience Museum ™ offers Future World as a permanent show where creative links between art and science, technology and culture are bound and expressed in teamLab’s interactive artwork.

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teamLab is an ultra technology group that is known for its innovative use of digital technology as a medium for art. teamLab consists of hundreds of artists, engineers, animators, mathematicians, and architects. They work together to consistently break new ground in an artistic expression like the world of magic and metaphors.

The Future World exhibition consists of 16 major art installations and other interactive projects where there are no boundaries between adults and children. Future World is divided into 4 themes namely Nature, Town, Park and Space, each of which uses the latest science and technology where artworks change uniquely according to each interaction. This place invites you to have fun, play and explore and reflect on yourself. This is a place where art, science and technology meet like a realization of the famous maxim Leonardo da Vinci, “everything connects”.



My visit to Future World starts from the Nature section, which contains perceptions about the natural world that vary dramatically from the eastern elements to the west. There are four installations in the Nature section. In the first gallery, three different works of art Flower and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together, Ever Blossoming Life II; A Whole Year per Year, Dark; and Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders right in one room.

In the second gallery is the artwork, 100 Years sea Animation Diorama. Combining the elegance and beauty of traditional Japanese art with contemporary scientific data, ArtScience Museum ™ offers visitors to witness the long-term environmental effects of climate change.



This section reflects the urban areas where great achievements in art and science were made and present five projects from TeamLab that are designed to involve visitors in learning through games. Visitors are encouraged to work together and inspire each other to meet the challenges of urban settings as a shared space.

In Sketch Town, a virtual city was built and filled with drawings by visitors. In Media Block Chairs, raw materials for City planning are presented and are literally intended as the basic building blocks of the city. Connecting Railway Blocks allows visitors to develop their own transportation infrastructure. A Table where Little People Live is a small community, which comes alive when visitors play with its residents. And finally, Grafitti Nature is a colourful ecosystem of flora and fauna, created by visitors, moving freely between the city and the Park.



Some reflections, such as nature reserves, playgrounds, amusement parks, and zoos. The Park theme presented 5 works of art – Universe of Water Particles, Sketch Aquarium, Light Ball Orchestra, Story of the Time When Gods were Everywhere and Create! Hopscotch for Geniuses – representing various recreational manifestations. At the Park, visitors are invited to explore several different forms of recreation.



The journey of the exhibition visit ends as I arrived in the astronomy room. Presented the beauty and scale of the universe through teamLab’s monumental installation, Crystal Universe. The digital domain allows individual and independent elements of a work of art to connect and behave as a group. In a unified spatial network, they form physical spaces for us to enter, enjoy, and connect personally.

Going There

ArtScience Museum ™ is located along the waterfront of Marina Bay in the heart of Singapore, only 20 minutes from Changi Airport. You can use the MRT with Bayfront Station (Circle Line / Downtown Line) – 10 minutes walk from the Promenade Station (Circle Line) – 15 minutes walk or Bus that stops at Bayfront Avenue. SBS: 97, 97E, 133, 133N, 502, 518. SMRT: 106

Ticket Price

Standard (tourism)
S$ 17 for Adult, S$ 14 for Senior (65 & Above), S$ 10 for Child (2-12 years), also S$ 44 for Family Packaged (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Singapore Residents
S$ 14 for Adult, S$ 11 for Senior (65 & Above), S$ 7 for Child (2-12 years), also S$ 35 for Family Packaged (2 Adults + 2 Children)

Or you can buy a Season Pass for unlimited visits for 1 year without the difference between Singaporeans and Standards. S $ 90 for Individuals and S $ 150 for Family Packages. In addition, if you are a student, you will get an additional discount by showing a Student Card (valid for tourists), so all you need to pay is S $ 14.