“On places, I need to memorize, underline
On things I want to see again, bookmark
So that I can know you perfectly more than anyone else
You will be so surprised that my sense that needs no explanation
Only for you baby. Just a place with nothing but you”

I was exhausted walking in Central Singapore. This area is a busy top-level buying activity. Over the past few times went to Singapore, this place is still in my list-to-go. I am actually not a person who likes to read but the atmosphere here, in this library is soothing my mind and soul.

Library@orchard (China: 乌 节 图书馆) is a public library under the National Library Board of Singapore. The library is located at Level 5 of Ngee Ann City on Orchard Road, in Central Area of ​​Singapore. It is currently located at Levels 3 and 4 of Orchard Gateway at Orchard Road.

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I could say that this library is very convenient, anyone can visit this library. However, because of its location in the shopping centre, not so many people spending their book-time here. Or perhaps Singaporeans prefer to read in their own house or park. The library combines the latest technology with a slick concept on the design of laying the book.

Like most libraries, at least we should have a resident card to lend a book. We cannot bring any books without just a passport, especially for us as a visitor. There was a silly incident at that time I was trying to borrow a book. I met the librarian, I was curious about the online book lending application in this sophisticated library so I was interested to try. I think this library is the most sophisticated library I have ever met so far according to its location. Or that was also because I rarely took myself to the library when travelling abroad.

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Visiting the library, do not expect you will meet people with thick glasses because you will be surprised that the visitors were all good looking. Hey, I am not racist! 😛 And talking about the completeness of the book collection, this library collects about 120,000 items and more than 33% of the collection is an English-language novel. Considering the size of a public library, which is placed in the mall this library is too fit to answer the completion. Unless you want to search the ultra literature for your thesis maybe you should try to go there to find.

Library@orchard was first opened by Lee Yock Suan, Singapore’s Minister of Information and Arts, on 21 October 1999. And for some reason, it was closed on 30 November 2007 and reopened on 23 October 2014 by Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Information.

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Created as a boutique library, Library@orchard, together with Library@esplanade, was used as a testbed for National Library Board to introduce new services and products which could then be adapted for future projects. The library’s location within the Orchard Road shopping belt was intended to attract the youth segment of the population.

With an appealing ambiance and the presence of music booths and a café, Library@orchard managed to double its outreach since its establishment, with an average of more than 1.4 million visitors per year. Library@orchard is located about 99m from Somerset MRT Station on the red line (North-South Line). From the direction of Changi Airport, after making a transfer to Joo Koon from Tanah Merah transit station please stop at CityHall Interchange station then move online with Jurong East destination and get off at Somerset station.