Mount Pangrango

Mount Pangrango is also one of the high mountain ranges and is popular in West Java together with Mount Gede. With an altitude of 3019 meters above sea level, Mount Pangrango is located in three regions, namely Bogor, Cianjur, and Sukabumi.

Its name cannot be replaced along with the Mount Gede spelling as both are in the same environment and part of National Park. Interestingly, these Mounts has the same style as its peak. At the top of Mount Pangrango, there is a vast Edelweiss field called Mandalawangi. This is similar to “Alun-Alun Suryakencana” at the top of Mount Gede. This makes the summit of Mount Gede-Pangrango is one of the favourite camping ground or camping sites for adventurers.

There are two hiking trails namely Putri and Cibodas. If we go through Cibodas, in the Pos 4, we are faced by 2 tracks where the left to Mount Gede and right to Mount Pangrango. Mostly, the hikers will be tended at the Pos 4 then they will continue the summit attack at the dawn whether Gede or Pangrango or even double summit attacks.

IMG_0137 2
The view of Mount Gede from Mount Pangrango

We considered going through Cibodas as we climbed Mount Gede via Putri previously. We headed from Jakarta on Friday at around 23.00 via Kampung Rambutan bus station. There are so many buses that go to the Cibodas area. Generally, it will spend approximately 2 to 3 hours to reach Cibodas.

As we were in quite the last minute of the bus operations, we got a bus without an air conditioner. Many people were smoking on the bus. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a mask to cover my nose, and I use my jacket instead of it. This was very annoying.

The bus stopped us near the area of Taman Cibodas where we saw many other hikers. We transitted for a while and look for public service rental. There are many minivans in the area the bus left us (near Alfamart). We have to go uphill to the basecamp, this rental service prices at around Rp130.000,00.

The basecamp provides the space for us to take a rest or even sleeping. We reached there at around 01.00. We waited for the other group that also join our trip. There were 14 people more from Bandung. The air was so cold in the basecamp, we ordered 6 mugs of hot tea and sleeping there.

IMG_9892 2
Sunset View

At around 6 AM, our Bandung friends informed us about the meeting point. We had breakfast in the basecamp and prepared to meet them. We stayed in the different basecamp with the Bandung group but actually it was close to each other. So we met in front of our basecamp then stretching.

There were so many travellers at that time. Our initial trip was dominated by rock tracks. It turns out that this is also a tourist trail, the 20 of us met so many tourists without heavy luggage and even family groups with children. The famous tourist attractions along this path are Telaga Biru and Cibeureum Waterfall.

DSC_0718 2
Strike a pose!

After about 30 to 45 minutes along the hiking trail, we met a small lake called “Telaga Biru,” “Telaga” which means lake, and “Biru” means Blue in English. The blue colour is caused by the effect of the Ganges on the bottom and edges of the lake. Many of the climbers and tourists stopped here. We just glanced and continued the journey.

Not long after Telaga Biru, we met Pondok Penyangcangan where the path is split between tourists who were going to the Falls and those who were going to climb the mountain. Starting from the crossing, the way that we travelled increasingly steep, uphill, twisting, and tiring.

Rawa Denok, Batu Kukus, Kandang Batu were several pos that we must pass before the last post, Kandang Badak. Between Batu Kukus and Kandang Batu, we passed a small, hot waterfall. The road along this tropical waterfall is quite dangerous because it is a ravine and only provided a rope to grip the climbers.

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 15.14.34
Mpus. She lost the game, we had so much fun

After passing through the hot waterfalls, there is a shelter, and there was a small pool of warm, water, you can soak your feet there. It feels amazing! Kandang Batu itself was quite a large field. There was also PopMie and Aqua seller here. Many of the climbers rested quite long enough here, including us. We also had the chance to play Uno cards. lol

About 1 hour from Kandang Batu, we arrived at Kandang Badak. This step is the most favourite among the climbers to set up tents and spend the night. There is a very abundant source of water, toilets, and also a small mosque. Kandang Badak can accommodate up to dozens of tents.

IMG_9900 2
The tends in Mandalawangi field

We reached Kandang Badak at around 14.00. The Bandung group decided to set up a tent here for the summit attack the next day. After the consideration, the Jakarta team continued to climb towards the top of Mount Pangrango. Because we really wanted to tend in the Mandalawangi fields.

Not long from Kandang Badak, we met a two-way branch to get to Mount Gede or Mount Pangrango. The trekking to the top from Kandang Badak takes quite a long time, which is about 3 to 4 hours. Mount Pangrango was terrific, we stopped in the middle of the way to recharge our energy.

IMG_9891 2
The signs

We continued the journey at around 18.00, where it was getting dark. Some of us, including me, did not bring our headlamps, so we used our Phone’s flashlight along the way. We reached the top at around 18.30, and we still need 15 minutes more to go to Mandalawangi.

We set up a tent in the vast Mandalawangi field and many edelweiss flowers. The air in Mandalawangi is frigid, but we were presented with a beautiful view of Milky Way from the top of Pangrango.

IMG_9898 3
The Edelweiss was greeting us

The next day we woke up late, so we didn’t really enjoy the summit attack. A little disappointed, but the stunning scenery in Pangrango has paid the fatigue. We ran around in Padang Mandalawangi, chased down as many photos as possible.

We went down around 10:00 and arrived at basecamp around 16:00. To return to Jakarta, we rented a car with an individual price of IDR 40,000 for 6 of us. We parted with a team from Bandung. The trip on Mount Pangrango is very tiring on the feet because the terrain is rocky but very extraordinarily enjoyable.