“Bumi Pasundan lahir ketika Tuhan sedang tersenyum”.

The phrase from M.A.W.Brouwer seemed to cover the endless beauty of Bandung. This time I will invite you to step out of the hustle and bustle of the city of Bandung to the Ciwidey area.

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Four of us leaving from Bekasi around 11pm. We planned to go for a weekend getaway, and the Bandung area never been flat. At about 2 am, we arrived around the Rancabali Tea Plantation. Arguably this plantation is the most famous tea garden in Bandung. Just like Patuha Tea Plantation, this tea garden is located in Ciwidey, Bandung and is at an altitude of 1,628 asl. The air temperature itself is in the range of 20 degrees Celsius so you can enjoy the fresh, clean and natural air.

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In addition to tea walk activities (the choice is three routes namely 2km, 3km or 4km) you can also visit a tea factory and watch the tea processing from the start of planting, maintenance to picking. Rancabali Tea Garden is located close to several other tourist attractions, namely Ciwidey Strawberry Garden, Walini Hot Spring, Situ Patenggang and White Crater, so you can continue your journey to these tourist attractions after exploring Rancabali Tea Plantation.

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