Dancing with the deer at Ranca Upas

People have crowded Ranca Upas tourist area that morning. This one of the place-that-you-must-go in Bandung area is blooming increasingly because of the many astonishing photos in social media. My friend and I were a little confused to find where the deer stand. There are many other attractions around Ranca Upas area. Along the resort road, we asked twice to some people who were resting on the side of the road.

Finally, our car was directed to its proper destination. We could feel the visitor density, the cold gathered us along our way entering Ranca Upas. We paid Rp. 10,000 for car parking. We saw many campers next to the parking area. Finally, after we parked the car my friend and I reached our destination. The entrance ticket was free but we had to pay Rp.10.000 to buy some carrots as the deer food. Well, as a welcome snack for introductions between you and the deer.

Not so many deer were in that captivity, they were already tame. We spent 2 hours just running around to chase the deer. With a very cheap price, I think this place is worth to be included on your holiday bucket list. However, as the deer are also living creatures and animal that is protected, please always keep all the ethics and attitudes as long as you are in.