Mount Sindoro

Mount Sindoro is one of the high mountain ranges and is popular in the land of Java. With an altitude of 3153 meters above sea level, Mount Sindoro is located between Wonosobo and Temanggung Regency, Central Java.

This Mount has a significant peak. This also makes the summit of Mount Sindoro as one of the favorite camping ground or camping sites for adventurers. However, you must be careful because, at the top of Sindoro, there is a sulfur cliff with a powerful odor.

The agricultural atmosphere around the slopes of Mt Sindoro

There are two hiking trails on Mount Sindoro, namely Kledung and Sigedang. Based on research that our team has done a few days before the climb, we considered going through Kledung track route because it is the easiest and most popular among climbers. We then headed to Wonosobo from Jakarta by car.

For those who plan to go to the Kledung basecamp using public transportation, you can take a bus heading to Magelang or Wonosobo then gets off at Kledung Village. While if you plan to take the Sigedang route, you can go to Sigedang village, Tambi area. This pathway is more often called the Sikatok pathway.

Dieng Area or Mt Prau view along with Mt Ciremai on the top left

We arrived at the Sindoro climbing base camp around 13.00 and decided to take a break. Around 14.30, we continued our journey to Pos 1. Uniquely to go to Pos 1, the base camp provides a pick-up truck service. At least, it saves some energies for climbing. Pick-up car cost Rp150,000.00 one way and can accommodate up to 12 people. To be more economical, you should negotiate with other climbers so that if you breakdown, the price per person will be lower.

The journey to Pos 1 from the base camp was taken in about 10 to 15 minutes through the tea plantation area and rocky road conditions. You can also ask the pick-up service provider to be able to pick you up at the same location in Pos 1 the next day when you come down from the summit.

Along the way, the pick-up truck driver we were riding told us that there were 5 Mount Sindoro climbing pos via Kledung before the peak. But now there are only 4 Pos. Pos 1 is marked with tea plantations and residents’ agriculture. From here actually, we are already at an altitude of about 1,900 masl.

After going from Pos 1 you will go through the forest, the track on Mount Sindoro is actually not quite challenging to go because of the sloping and stable soil, although gradually rising. The travel time from Pos 1 to Pos 2 is around 1.5 to 2 hours. Pos 2 or better known as Watu Gede, is at an altitude of 2,120 meters above sea level.

Sunset story at Mt Sindoro

From Pos 2 to Pos 3, the track was increasingly uphill. Post 3 is marked with the dead Lamtoro forest. We arrived at Pos 3 at around 18:00. The sun was setting at that time, and the color of the sky with gradations of orange was terrific. Pos 3 is at an altitude of around 2,530 meters above sea level, and it turned out there were already some tents that were there before us.

We decided to set up a tent here then catch the summit next day. After that, we found that some other climbers continued to climb towards near Pos 4. We had thought that we would be disturbed by many wild pigs (as we read in several blogs) so we hung some food on trees. But apparently, there was not a single pig that bothered us.

From the reference, the journey from Pos 3 to Pos 4 and the top takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. So we started the journey for the summit at 5 o’clock. This was a lesson for us that it turned out our trip to the top took about 3 to 4 hours. lol

Breaking dawn attack at Mt Sindoro

Heading to Pos 4 from Pos 3, you could say it is the real climbing. Pos 4 is located in the Stone Field, where the track we were passing was mixed with rocks and sand. With an increasingly steep inclination angle and draining our stamina. Approaching Pos 4, we no longer see the tents of the climbers.

The sign from Pos 4 is in the form of a collapsed board, and the land area is not too large. We have not met any climbers who set up tents here, because this area is very open where vulnerable to dangerous winds.

From Pos 4 to get to the top, you must first pass the Sabana Field. The smell of sulfur is overpowering once you arrived at the Sabana area. At the top of Sindoro, twin craters are covering an area of ​​210×150 meters which are bounded by the crater walls. Oh yes, Mount Sindoro is actually a twin mountain together with Mount Sumbing. So from the top of Sindoro, you can see Mount Sumbing and look very close.

IMG_9189 2
at the top of Mt Sindoro with Mt Sumbing as the background

We returned to our tent from the summit at around 10:00 and arrived at our shelter at 12:30. We rested for a while and had lunch then quickly tidy up our gear and go down the mountain. The signal from several providers such as Telkomsel, XL, Indosat can still be reached at Pos 3. So that along the way down, we can contact the provider to pick us up at Pos 1 (tea plantation) where we started climbing on the previous day.

The journey from Pos 3 to Pos 1 took about 1.5 to 2 hours. We arrived back at the basecamp around 4 pm. From our experience on Mount Sindoro, we spent the night on the 13-14 July 2019, the air was not so cold. Instead, the air temperature in the basecamp is more cooling than when we were in a tent. From the testimony of residents around, the air temperature a few weeks ago actually reached -9 ° C in the countryside.

The trip to Mount Sindoro only took weekends, so there is no need to apply for leave for those of you who are interested. Look for the night bus from Jakarta in the direction of Wonosobo.

We’re above the sky