Hi, I am Yahya!


A business operator day by day, long-life creativity enthusiast. Currently, handling the Growth for Holistics Software, a Business Intelligence Software Company based in Singapore. I like to describe myself as a hustler. I find passion in sending across a message in the best way possible.

I am around

StartUp, FMCG, SaaS Company, Event, Community, Partnership, Consultancy, Sales and Marketing, Digitalisation, Branding, PR and Communication

Here are my experiences

  • Growth & Country Advocate (Indonesia) at Holistics Software 

    Supporting start-up initiative to win market share in the business intelligence in Indonesia. The role is focused on helping to develop and execute rapid growth strategies. Remotely work and take direction from stakeholders based in Singapore while being based on the ground in Jakarta to facilitate various operational tasks.

  • Trade Marketing Analyst (Project Based) at The Kraft Heinz Company

    Contribute to project’s goals by providing accurate, data-driven insights and analysis to make business decision. Crunching market research data, helping the project manager and principle to understand numbers before coming up with right business strategy.

  • Production Support and Costing Analysis at ROKI Group 

    Report the production plan vs actual to Head Office in Japan, managing and implementing SAP system, empowering production team member in terms of learning and development, human resourcing, and management’s events.

  • Production Operations at AISIN Group 

    Machine handling and daily supply support.

Also, some projects

  • VIP Handling at ASIAN GAMES 2018

    Responsible for the treatment of the VIP (President and the Ministry entities), Special Invitation, and Sponsor; Maintain the VIP Holding Room; Responsible for the seating arrangement of VIP Guest.

  • Liaison Officer at Indonesia 5 Communication


Bachelor of Information System
The School of Management Informatics and Computer Pranata Indonesia
3.77 of 4.0


  • Best Social Media Influencer by Indonesia 5 Communication. Jakarta, 2018
  • Youth Empowerment Society For Sustainable Development Goals (YES4SGD). Bangkok, 2017.
  • Asia Young Sociopreneurship Leaders Exchange. Singapore, 2016.
  • Grand Finalist of “Studi di Negeri Van Oranje by The Netherlands Education Support Indonesia“. Jakarta, 2016.
  • Runner Up of “Lomba Karya Ilmiah Remaja se – Jawa Bali”. Surabaya, 2008.
  • Vice President of “Kiprah, Majalah Sekolah SMA Negeri 1 Mejayan”. Madiun, 2007.

What did they say?

I always awe with Yahya ability to analyze and process our manual data with a very tight deadline. Yahya ability to juggle multiple projects was impressing and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team” – Enggar Dayaningtyas, Godrej

“Worked with this super passionate team-mate, very agile in analytical data, and significant interpersonal skills.” – Poppy Friscilla, The Kraft Heinz Company

“Yahya is a person who has a big soul and heart in doing every responsibility in his work. He always wants to learn and like challenges, even give good input for mutual progress. Getting to know Yahya is my gratitude because I learned a lot from him, especially in terms of sales.” – Hanna Agustina Girsang, Block71 Jakarta

“I had the opportunity to work together with Yahya when he assisted Kraft Heinz project. During his tenure, he paid close attention to the details of his work. He made a conscious effort to understand causes instead of just the effects. His ability in data analysis perfectly combined with his excellent communication skills, in a way that means things are understood and get done properly. I look forward to working with him on another project in the near future.” – Alanna Alia Hannantyas, Beiersdorf

“I have known Yahya when I joined Kraft Heinz Company and he is my partner to support company business. As a professional, Yahya has an ability to handling client such as time management and stress management, analytical skills and data scientists. I can say he has strong skills in that work-scope. As a person, as I knew about him was not quite a lot since we just met one time but the thing that I realized about him was friendly, kind and smart. Yaya one of the aggressive with purpose person on the team. So far, as a client, I really impressed with what he did to me and as a friend, I’m not close enough yet when we had a conversation, that was a cool conversation.” – Shofar Muqsith Amra Gayendra, Danone

“Yahya is a very amiable and very approachable person I met in The Kraft Heinz Company. I am really very glad and appreciate, spending his precious time to encourage and boosting the Project Journey Plan of mine member. Glad to have a working partner like him.” – Irwan Gen, The Kraft Heinz Company

“Yahya is, without doubt, the most multitasking and well-organized person I have met so far. His technical experience combined with market expertise makes Yahya the best choice amongst many other people! Keep up the good work Ya!” – Pixarani Noorsavitri, Block71 Jakarta & SKALA

“初めて Yahya に会ったとき、違う部門なのに、優しくしてくれた。時間が早く立つにつれて、仲良くなって来た。仕事をするのが頑張ってるし、能力も知識も自信も高い人だと思うから、Yahya ならどんな仕事でもできるはず。じゃあ、女性に人気ある Yahya さん(笑)、次のステップも頑張ってね。応援するから” – Kathlyne Antonio, Mitsubishi Motors

“I had the pleasure of working with Yahya for one year at PT. Roki Indonesia, collaborating on several project teams such as Catering (Food Providing) Management and Company Event. Yahya is a good leader and we always called him a snake for his brilliant ideas. I was always in awe of Yahya’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. As a team member or a leader, Yahya earns my highest recommendation.” – Anggie Vela, Mitsubishi Motors

“I’ve known Yahya for more than 5 years when he was in High School. He followed Engineering Physic Challenge, Sepuluh November Institute of Technology. At the end of January 2017, Yahya decided to join with our company, PT. Indolima Perkasa well known as Indolima or Indonesia 5 Communication. Indolima is one of the leading marketing communication in Indonesia. Indolima is a reputed below-the-line, integrated marketing and communications agency that has spent over two decades combining creativity and strategy to springboard brands across start-ups and established companies, products, and services, online and offline media. Yahya has been working at Indolima for close to 1.5 years as a Marketing Analyst for National Trade Marketing Execution, a big project of The Kraftheinz Company.  In handling FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Company, there are several qualities that we need to have to handle this big project. Yahya continues to perform strongly and demonstrate all the qualities. Yahya has had to learn all of the concepts and tools of the project within a very short time frame. We are glad to see that Yahya not only learned these concepts and tools but mastered them. Yahya is one of the brightest people that I have met in my career, and I have tremendously enjoyed working with. I am sure that he will contribute effectively to excel at the core elements of his every job.” – Azhar Vilandra Setiadji, Indonesia 5 Communication

“I’ve worked alongside Yahya for close to 5 years, I’ve seen him not only excel at the core elements of his job but also learn other tasks that extend well beyond the scope of his role, like drawing a storyboard. That’s one of the things that is so remarkable about Yahya. He is one of a kind. Fun to be run with. It was great to have Yahya in the same work environment.” – Deasy Arianty Singgih, Roki Indonesia

“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Yahya. He expertly filled as worker and entertainer role for our company since I’ve joined. His ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our company. Any employee would be lucky to have Yahya as a workmate and as a friend.” – Mareta Dea Asfarani – Roki Indonesia

“Yahya adalah pribadi yang rajin dan pintar dalam menyelesaikan pekerjaannya.” – Nurrul Chasanah, Roki Indonesia

“Yahya is a good friend yet an awesome teammate. We created a lot of achievements in the Creative Community of SMAN 1 Mejayan where he became the Vice Chairperson and I became the Secretary. I got to say that he had tremendous contributions. He is very creative & flexible also not only thinking outside the box but he is putting out that box.” – Nurul Hidayah, British American Tobacco

“I have known Yahya personally for over 4 years, and have always known him to be an organized and responsible individual. We attended the same class at University. As a working student, we built our time-management skills and Yahya has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. In addition to his excellent scholastic accomplishments, he has proven his leadership by organizing events in university. He is one of a kind.” – Eva Mahdalena, Sinar Mas Group

“Yahya is my friend in high school. He was an intelligent and critical student. Fluent in English and has a big vision. And he is not afraid of being different from others.” – Mohammad Nasrullah, Astra Group

“YAHYA ist ein Freund, als ich Schülerin. Er ist sehr schlau und kreativ. Er hat immer viele Ideen. Seine Gedanken ist offen und immer sinnvoll.” – Himmatul Azizah Laily, Enterpreneur